If given an option, would you choose to be an immortal? If yes, at what age whould you like to stop ageing.

PS: I have been reading a lot of vampire books


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m happy wid my lyfe .. but i dun lyk to immortal !! if given opportunity i will pass this to my best person whom i met !
What if life changes after your are immortal....for the worse>?

I would rather stay happy with what i got rather then be stuck in a life where i am tormented continously.

Plus i can't see those who love me leave if they are immortal 2 then i would want to be immortal so i can have their company forever. Otherwise its a NO.


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No immortality for me. I am working hard to live this life.
Given a chance I would rather be a free flying bird then trying to be a succesfull man :)


Silly Option? It's an awesome option.... who would not want to be young forever?

and as far as watching your loved ones go is concerned... what makes you think you won't see them leave if you are mortal. Life can always change for worse... you have to learn to make the best out of it.

Anyhow, I am not sure if I would like to be immortal but it sounds like a pretty good option. Given a choice, I might just say yes :devil .... age 25 (Next year I will be even more awesome)


i wudn't wanna be immortal....coz then immortal hoke dharti nu spoil hunda dekhna pau for eternity :n
n duniya ch ikalle gere maran ch ki rakheya :haha


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ehde bare kuj nai keh sakde keo ke bibi ne jehri line likhi oh gareji vich aa:n te sareya de answare v adde gareji vich aa addi ke punjabi:n eh gal sade geyan to bahar aa:dts