I Wish I Could


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My life is like a speeding car
And I don't know where to turn
I wish I could just fly away far
Far from this heartburn

So much time has passed me by
And yet I stand alone
Wishing I could close my eyes
And let all my tears go

I wish I could just run from my fears
Just keep running while I plug my ears
Just close my eyes and go to sleep
Just hide my thoughts way down deep
Just push away the sorrows and fly away
and never come back
Til another day

My life is like the sands of time
I don't know where I'm going
Staring into outer space
I stand there always knowing

There are so many troubles in the air
Happiness is rare
Looking up at the bright glowing moon
I wish I were up there
Anywhere but here

I wish I could just walk away
And watch my spirit soar
And I'm never ever going to come back again
Til I find love and peace once more