I will Love you After and Before


Rampuriya !!
Something that hurts like a tumor
is the spreading of a rumor
We know that it is false
but it still spreads in a single pulse
But when it is our time
We will not be given a chime
We have to know in our hearts that this love is true
and you love me as much as I love you

There is nothing more powerful than this act
so when it?s our time, love must be a fact
It must be a love that will not go sour
But until that time I give you love through a flower
For you I could wait forever
I couldn?t care less if that time was never
I don?t want you to go on with shame
And not even remember my name

I hold a love for you that even my sister can see
So when we do, don?t forget me
I am not trying to give you an invite
but more or less just some insight
So, when we come to making love
you won't turn and give me the big ?shove?
I haven?t loved any one like this in the past
So please share with me a love that will last

Like I said I am not inviting you for the night
Just making sure that we will share the delight
This much I will admit
I am not ready for it
So wait for you, I will
and I will love you after and until...
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