I went over my friend's house...

A day in my life :haha

Ok so my friend (who is Punjabi) and I were going to study together for a Math test, as he is failing the Math class. So I go over his house and after studying for the test, I start talking to him about Punjabi culture, tradition, etc. So basically my friend doesn't know how to speak Punjabi at all so then we were in his garage and I was talking to him about staying with the Punjabi Virsa. I told him you should like take classes for like dhol, bhangra, etc.

Apparently, his dad was standing right behind us and he says "Main tha ehnnu kaii vaari kaya par eh saala CENSORED sunda hi nahin".

I started cracking up big time and my friend (who didn't understand that his dad just cussed him out) was like >d.

Then I'm like to his dad "Tussi ehdda bad word kay dinde hunne a?"

Then he's like "Keda bad word?"

Then I'm like "Ohhi... sister waala word... tussi ehda kay dinde hunne a?"

Then he's like "Ohhhhhhhhh... oh tha assi pyaar naal kahida"