‘I think I failed to match up to Bips’, quips John


Rampuriya !!
John Abraham and Bipasha Basu’s break-up comes as a big shock for all as the duo was in a strong relationship for a long time. Marriage has been cited as the reason of their split-up though the duo has never come open about what went wrong with their relationship. Bips does not want to disclose her private life in public whereas John is a media shy. But during the recent episode of ‘India’s Most Desirable’, John discloses the reason of splitting-up with Bips and takes the blame on himself.
He said that Bipasha is a headstrong girl and somewhere he could not match up to her. He hunk said, “somewhere down the line, I think I failed to match up to her.”
John also said that that he was not ready to get married. “We decided on a closure as I didn’t match up to the relationship, I was not ready to commit when the relationship needed culmination,” he revealed.
On the very episode, John was joined by his parents who talked about his weaknesses and odd habits. John’s dad said he wants his son to overcome his squirmy habit of always shaking his leg while talking.