I prefer for my engagement ...umhhhh


well girls ... what will you prefer for your engagement a DIAMOND or a RUBY or a GOLD or a SILVER ring ??:wink

and guys ... what will you chose for your soulmate, wife, to be wife, fiance ... aaam ... etc ... :)

for me ... I would love to have a diamond ring but ... even if i wont get a diamond ring, it will not make much of a difference, cuz thats not my preference ... :gig


-- Kem da Gui --
well bai sadi kaadiyan prefrences honiyaaan.. kudi sade naal life katan nu mangai aahi sabto wadi gal ae.. :-D

nd bai main taan ring kudi nu iko waar paani aaa mudke kine leke deni unu jewellery .... :D so it must b a special one... i prefer diamond ring hi dayiye apni to b sweetheart nu :dr.....


Ruby with diamonds in gold or silver kuj vi chaloo ohh ohhh white gold is even better :haha :dr :dr ehoo jihaa maukaaa ekk vaar hi aundaa ahh why dun ask for the best :hug :haha :haha :haha

Ladie Amz

ok dude but sum suffer not all...nd me i jus care about ma future hubby nd how he luvs me not wat he givs me to luv him...but id like a diamond ring....uhuh....matching ones for the marriage..jks....not his wif diamonds mine he can hav a plain one as all guys do....soo yh.,.....im not gunna pressure him into buyin me a diamond ring.,.his choice of wat he can afford...