i m feeling helpless

batth saab

Batth Saab
Most of you must be using Orkut...
i have come acros a person who has imprisoned some birds in his house its shown in his album ....
the guy says he is as i think very good but .....he has done a very bad thing ..he has imprisoned the characters that God made ...
his id is orkut -

:pri scraped him
"22 ji i just came to your profile ...please do a favour for me ....when you think you need do do a great work ....please make all the birds u have imprisoned fly away ...its a request to u .....they are beautiful ..but not when the r imprisoned... "

the guy just replied be saying "My brother all these birds r imported from australia, they cannot survive the environment outside in india, so an artificial australian environment is made....if they r set free they will die in half an hour for sure..nd ya nyc to meet u...."

and i said "why dont you send them back to australia"

another reply by the guy
"Bcoz many of them have taken birth at my place...now they belong jst to the cage they will niether survive out nor in australia.."

and i replied
then please now make sure ******* ..so that the new offspring dont live in cage...thnx

he said
"Nd they r the most imp part ov my lyf...cant liv without them "

i said
"and man actually i don care abot people who make birds live there lives in cage ....i thin you should kill them ....seriously ...and then pray in their next birth they dont get inpriosened.... "

he said
"Thik aa 22 jive tu kahe, ill make sure a ******** is kept inside the cage..lol...thnx for ur advise..nd the word mating is used in case of animals"

"i dont give a damn ...please just make sure thers no newborn ..make a seprate one for males and females ...thats it ...man u should be sirious about it ..."

.....i am feelicg helpless what should we do...


ImmorTaL KhalsA
this is reality bro ! u hav to face it . Go to market , thousands of ppl do this business by selling birds . If u tell them to free it , they would surely not listena bcoz for them it is measure of earning . respect ur feelings but nobody can help u excpet govt of a particular country by making strict laws against it !