Focusing on ________
we just lost an hour :squint :hyper

1 f. hour :squint :hyper

it was 2 at night nd now all clocks say 3 :squint :hyper

i lost an hour of sleep/aashqui :squint :hyper

i hate daylight savings :squint :hyper

bt i luv it wen we get da hr back :an


I wish if i can turn back the clock.....hehehe neva mind i can make this saying in to a reality in nov:haha :haha :haha :haha

waise this whole thing is just crazy,,,,,then on the 2nd thot.....crazy is wht white ppl are....so we can expect some of these crazy things 4m them:gig :gig :gig :gig :gig :gig