I don’t do charity for publicity or brag about it: Manish Paul

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Actor Manish Paul is a happy man. Being one of the most loved hosts on Indian TV, Paul has been well-lauded for his comic timing and rapport with his colleagues – judges, contestants and crew members alike. But many of his fans won’t know about his charitable deeds, as the actor doesn’t like to talk about it much.
“I do a lot of charity but don’t like to talk on that. I don’t do these things for publicity or to brag about it later. I do it from my heart. Whether it’s visiting a blind school or an orphanage, I don’t do it on any special day. Whenever I feel like and when I am free, I would just go. Even my team gets amused at times that I would suddenly tell them to buy certain things and come along,” says 35-year-old Paul who is currently hosting a dance reality show on TV.

Recently, the actor went on a gifting spree and ordered 300 pairs of shoes for the crew members and spot boys of the reality show, who he calls his extended family. “I saw a couple of spot boys wearing torn shoes and when I asked them about it, they said ‘sir yahi hai’ (we only have this). I felt bad for these people who work so hard all day, and run around; there are nails and screws, and wires on the floor and they can get hurt. So I decided to gift them all new shoes.”
He further adds, “Of course there are size issues, so they are still coming in lots. Now every time I go on the sets, someone will say they have not got it. And I feel glad to order one more pair. I feel like I have an unlimited deal with anyone who wants shoes.”

A while ago, there were reports that Paul is charging a whopping amount for hosting this reality show. While the actor didn’t pay heed to all these reports, he says he doesn’t like to discuss money at all. “People do discuss with me about my earnings, but it’s their call. Thankfully I’m blessed with friends, who come to my place, unwind, chill and never talk work or money,” shares the actor.