I am Punjabi, says Priyanka Chopra


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Priyanka Chopra got into a heated verbal argument with a man in Delhi while promoting her film 7 Khoon Maaf. He was out to rattle her.

The incident happened last Tuesday evening at the recording of an interactive interview. A man, apparently from Punjab, piped in to accuse her of "not being a Punjabi".

Said a member of Chopra's entourage: "Priyanka was taken aback by the accusation. At first she laughed it off saying she is very much Punjabi. But the man kept piping in loudly with his allegation. Priyanka finally told him to shut up and quit before he faces the consequence of her wrath."

The man soon after disappeared from the venue, but Chopra was hurt by the vehemence of the accusation.

Apparently the man kept insinuating she had done nothing for Punjab and Punjabis.

The spokesperson for 7 Khoon Maaf confirmed the incident, adding: "It was weird and inopportune. Priyanka's Punjabiyat [Punjabi-ness] had nothing to do with the occasion. We don't know where the man came from and where he disappeared to. But the whole incident was suspicious."

Chopra's father is Punjabi and her mother is from Jharkhand.