Hybrid Motorcycles


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Hybrid Motorcycles

At the beginning of this entry let us have a moment of nostalgia for our beloved Harleys or Ducatis. And now that the moment is over, say hello to the new generations of roaring motorcycles that are due to appear later this year. Devised by Machinheart, these new hybrid motorcycles are here to give you a glimpse of the future and maybe a breath of fresh air.

This hybrid bike goes up to 150 MPG from propane, diesel or gasoline. The biggest difference between them and the classic ride is the monocoque frame, stronger then the original one. Just like many of the hybrid motor rides designed today, this has a motor powered by the battery used for accelerating as the one powered by fuel charges the batteries.

Honda and Yamaha have stated that they will both release a hybrid that, unlike traditional bikes makes nearly no sound. I guess that would take the thrill out of the ride, no? But don’t be scared, they’ve figure out a solution: a noise generator that would imitate the deafening noise of a usual motorcycle.