Hritik and Science


'Kyon chalti hai pawan'
because of evaporation.

'Kyon jhoome hai gagan'
because of Earth's revolution.

'Kyon machalta hai mann'
because of excessive respiration.

'naa tum jaano naa hum'
But i have given all the reasons.

'kyon aati hai bahaar'
because of change in seasons.

'kyon lutta hai karar''
because of mental tension.

'naa tum jaano naa hum'
Like i have said these are all science phenomenon.

'Kyon gum hai har disha'
because you have poor sense of direction.

'Kyon hota hai nasha'
because of drug addiction....


rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl this issss a realli gud way to teach sum1 a science lesson kaaash merii teacherss ehnee innnovative hundeee rofl rofl rofl rofl :baby :baby
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