HP’s new Pavilion refresh come in flavors for every price an


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Look at the new HP Pavilion line dead on, and you’d be excused for mistaking it for a MacBook Pro before you squinted: it has all the hallmarks of the modern Mac laptop, including a brushed aluminum case and black chiclet keys in a package under an inch thick.
The similarities go deeper than mere aesthetics, though. The 14-inch HP Pavilion dm4, like the latest MacBook Pros, packs a Core i5 CPU, although trades in the latter’s discrete NVIDIA GPU for one from ATI.
If you don’t want your laptop to look like a Mac, the 14.5 inch dv5 trades the brushed aluminum lid for a matter imprinted cover, and comes with choice of Core i3, i5 and AMD Turion II processors, but you sacrifice the discrete GPU… although the Intel versions will support WiDi.
The more conventional 15.6-inch Pavilion dv6 is the option for those who want to choose their laptop configuration. It can be purchased in either brushed aluminum or matter finish. You can choose between AMD or Intel Core iX processors. It even comes with a multitouch screen.
Beef up the dv6 to a 17 inch screen and you can choose quad-core AMD or Intel chips and cram a discrete ATI GPU into the mix.
If you’re a fan of HP’s Pavilion line, there’s a notebook for every preference and price range in their latest refresh. Check the new models out at HP’s official store.