How well you know opposite sex??

-=Sukh Tiwana=-

Discover how well you know the opposite sex -- and how well you know yourself. Write the numbers 1-30 on a piece of paper. Then write "true" or "false" next to the number for each of these thirty questions.
1. Women's language is more direct than men's. T/F
2. Men seek assistance from others more than women. T/F
3. Women try to change others more than do men. T/F
4. Men are more jealous than women. T/F
5. Women boast about their successes more than do men. T/F
6. Respect is a major issue in the female world. T/F
7. Men need more "space"--private time--than do women. T/F
8. Women respond better to stress than do men. T/F
9. Men seek approval from others more than do women. T/F
10. Winning through intimidation is a male skill. T/F
11. Women are more decisive than men. T/F
12. Men like to give orders more than do women. T/F
13. Women are more apologetic than are men. T/F
14. Men tend to joke and tell stories more than women. T/F
15. Women usually dominate public discussions. T/F
16. Men accept words at face value more than women. T/F
17. Women take more physical risks than men. T/F
18. Men talk about their feelings more than women. T/F
19. Women, more than men, are worriers. T/F
20. Men would rather talk about things than people. T/F
21. Women avoid verbal confrontation more than men. T/F
22. Men nag, repeating their requests, more than women. T/F
23. Women interrupt others more than men. T/F
24. Men gossip about others as much as do women. T/F
25. Women want to "get married"--and stay that way--more than men. T/F
26. On average men talk on the phone more than women. T/F
27. Women are more facially animated than men. T/F
28. A man's posture leans toward others more often than does a woman's. T/F
29. Women have about one-tenth as much testosterone as men. T/F
30. Men talk about health matters more than women. T/FWhat's Your Score?
1. False 11. False 21. True
2. False 12. True 22. False
3. True 13. True 23. False
4. False 14. True 24. False
5. False 15. False 25. True
6. False 16. True 26. False
7. True 17. False 27. True
8. True 18. False 28. False
9. False 19. True 29. True
10. True 20. True 30. False
How many correct answers did you get?
28-30 correct . . . . . . Excellent
25-27 correct . . . . . . Good
21-24 correct . . . . . . Fair
Less than 20 . . . . . . Keep working on it.