How was your Day ?


Dhillon Sa'aB™
Staff member
No that bad, woke up late, easy day at work. Now off to bed after a couple of Budweisers.
Apna Dasso.


Focusing on ________
dint sleep at all ... unp nd studying :an had an exam at 8 in the morning

then a lab due :an at 5 :an .... nd did labbing nd unping :an

hun gharre ... gna go sleeping after eating :an

bt rite now unping :an


hune start hoea hae

it is 8.25 am

last day so so see, airport te duty see

busy te tired see

aah be othe jana , tired hee rehna , end of the day


saada taan oh haal aa...kehnde..
hadd tappe so aulia
behadd tappe Peer
hadd behadd dohe tappe
osda nau FAKEER

so kakka dhillon ji.....fakeeran de kaade din te ki raatan .....bass nikli janda di rajja ch


pretty called up 4m overseas :mach
was pretty sunny day luved the sunshine felt lke spring :ki :ki
by da time i went 2 the bus stop frm wrk to uni it started drizzlin moree lke rainin but i dun care no more it was pretty warm....
reached uni the stupid teacher went off sick sooo had no classes :fwl :fwl
decided to go for window shoppin with frndssss hmmmm man i luved the dresses in pagani but wot to do im so brokeeee :wow
reached hmeee n hmm let me seee im replyin 2 the threadssss >ph
soo all in all it was a pretty wicked day :fwl

SHauKeeN GaBRu

Chardi Kala
wht to say???
eid diyaan chhutiaan ne....
college da assignments and online course projects kar rehaan...
and a bit of UNP....