how to setup wifi n95


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ma n95 says wlan found
but wen i tried to connect it say enter pre shared key ?
is pre shared key is security key ?
wen i trie to open site
it says invalid pre shared key ?/
pls tel any solution to fix dis problem

Kunwar :-)

vIgRe sAnT :-)
pre-requisites : u own a wlan router connect to the Internet n not catching sm wave signals frm ur neighbour's router

i gues it shud b ur wifi acces key..coz frm wat i remembr is...PSK corresponds to WPA fr ur router..router config khol k chek kr lo Je PSK predefined hai k nahi :)
if N95 asking you to enter PSK then its sure that wifi router configured with PSK. PSK is security so that no one can access internet through that router or unauthorised access.

if you are the owner of router you can check it by accessing router configure page through IE address or most of the time these two ip addresses are used for router configuration access. After follow up the steps.

Hope so it will help.

Thank you
Pinder Anttal


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thanxx 4 helping me frnds
but dere was sme problem in ma phn firmware
last night i just update ma phn to latest firmware
and now wifi is perfectely working ...
thanxxx 4 ur suport :)