How to Search Evernote from the Google Chrome Location Bar


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Evernote is a great system for storing notes, images, and web pages so you can find them later, and you can make it even better by integrating the search directly into the Google Chrome Location bar.
Of course, doing this isn’t rocket science, and most people can probably figure this out. But have you done it yet? You should also note that you can use the Evernote extension to simultaneously search Google and Evernote at the same time.
Integrate Evernote Search into Google Chrome

You’ll start by right-clicking on the location bar and choosing Edit Search engines…

Then click Add…

And then enter in the search details. I named mine Evernote, and used the keyword “evv” since that’s unlikely to be typed for any other URL, and it’s really easy to remember. Then set the URL to this:

Now all you need to do is type evv into the location bar, hit the Tab key, and you can start searching Evernote.

You’ll see the results in the web interface….

Sadly the web interface badly needs some work, it’s clunky and awful. But… if you’re just looking for a piece of information, this can really come in handy.