How to make ur own Glitter tags!!!


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How to make your own glitter tags, step by step.

Making your own animated glitter tags (names,sigs) is easy and fun. All you need to do is follow these steps and you will be able to create them on your own.

Getting ready

First, We will need to open 3 different windows on the desktop. All three will need to remain open during the creation of the tag.

Open a window with Image Magik Studio: ImageMagick Studio

Now minimize it (shrink it down) on your desktop.

Open a second window with a glitter site. For this tutorial, let's use Glitters Galore:
Glitters Galore

Minimize it.

Open a third window with a text banner maker. For this tutorial, let's use Banner Generator:
Banner Generator

Minimize it.

Now that we have all three sites open we are ready to begin.

If you do have an image that is too large, you can resize it using! Free Online GIF Tools - Your Everything Online Image Editor
UnFREEz 2.1 - WhitSoft Development

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