How to lit a cigarette?

SHauKeeN GaBRu

Chardi Kala
Subject: How to light a cigarette?

*Question:* You are in a boat in the middle of a river. You have 2
cigarettes and have to light any one cigarette. You don't have anything else
with you in the boat? How will you do it?
Scroll down!

*Answer:* Take one cigarette and throw it in the water. So the boat
will become LIGHTER........using this LIGHTER you can light the other
cigarette. another deadly answer. scroll down a little

*Another solution:* You throw a cigarette up and catch it. Catches win
Matches. Using the matches that you win, you can light the cigarette
If that was not enough, one more deadly answer.... scroll down

Take water in your hand and drop it drop by drop...(TIP - TIP)
"TIP TIP barsa Pani.
Pani ne aag lagayee."
us aag se hamne cigarette jalayee".
If that was not enough, one more
deadly answer.... scroll down

Start praising one cigarette, The other will
get jealous & "jalney lagega"
Frustrated, Irriated, Annoyed, Pulling your hairs????? was I, so I
thought why not share my miseries with someone else!:-):-):-):-):-)


sade ethee teh mundeee cigerrete laindeee ohdee utheee mitti da tel chirkdee teh firr lite kardeeee :roll :roll


jhoottt iljaaam rabbbaa meriaaaa
aweinn naaa moohn kalaaa karaooo sadaaa
ehnii mushkil naaaal ragad ragad keee gorraa kittaaa ahhh :roll