How To Have A Great Relationship


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Your relationship has worked out pretty well, but is not so great that you can boast about it, in front of your friends. Although you enjoyed being in the relationship to the fullest, when it was new, you feel that it has lost all its charm, with the passing time. What went wrong? Just have a look into the matter and try to figure out what is lacking in the relationship. Is it the lack of communication, trust, respect or the very essence - love? If you analyze carefully, you would know how to take your relationship from just being 'good' to 'great'. Go through the following tips and learn how to have a great relationship.

Tips For Having A Great Relationship

  • Trust is the foundation of every relationship. The bond with your partner will be weak if you do not trust each other. You should be able to gain his/her confidence and bestow trust upon him/her as well.
  • Good communication is vital for every relationship. You should not leave your partner wondering if you really love him/her, by not communicating your feelings. Lack of communication can make a relationship very boring. Even if you have a busy work schedule, make sure to set aside some time for your partner - call him/her or just leave a loving SMS.
  • In this fast-paced world, people often do not find time or patience to listen to what others are saying. A relationship works only when both the partners lend an ear to each other. You should not just hear, but "listen" to each other's words. By listening deeply and lovingly to one another, you will be able to bring the relationship to a new height!
  • Good understanding between the partners is the sign of a great relationship. The bond will become stronger, if both of you understand each other's silence as well! In other words, it is necessary to not only listen, but understand your partner as well.
  • Humor plays the important role of converting a monotonous relationship into a lively one. Therefore, if you find that your relationship is on the verge of reaching the dead end, include humor into it. You should learn to live life in a joyous way, rather than frowning all the time. This will make the relationship colorful and great.
  • Respect is something that every partner expects from the other. When it comes to a relationship, respecting each other is very important. Remember, your partner carries equal weight in the relationship. Respect him/her for what he/she is. You should also remember that every one has his/her own perspective to view the world. Just as your perceptions change with time, your partner's view will also vary. Therefore, you should respect his/her opinion as well.
  • It is a fact that space is needed in every relationship. No matter how close you are to each other, you should not be hooked to your partner too much, invading his/her privacy. In addition, one should not overshadow the other. However, do not give so much space that the two of you start leading two totally independent lives.