How To Deal With A Manipulator


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Control is the only thing that manipulators look out for. They are the ones who seek to bend you to their will or agenda. Manipulators can be found everywhere, right from offices to social gathering and even homes. Manipulating people can get you do anything they want, right from giving them money, stealing, hurting and so on and so forth. Two kinds of people essentially fall prey to manipulators - those with lack self-esteem and those who care too much about what others think of them. Dealing with manipulators can be truly a negative experience, but it is essential to do so, to maintain your own mental and emotional health. Read through the following lines to find tips for dealing with manipulative people.

Tips For Dealing With Manipulative People

Clear All Harmful Misconceptions
Manipulators, sometimes called passive-aggressives or covert-aggressives, are just not like other normal people. They are a niche segment of the population that do not share the same worldview and do not accept their fault. Also, they are unashamed and do not feel guilty when they hurt someone or make them unhappy. The best way to deal with such people is to reveal the truth and move ahead.

Become a Better Judge of Character
Learn to identify people having manipulative or aggressive traits and avoid falling victim to them. The most important factor about such people is that they only care about winning.

Know Yourself Better
Manipulators know your weak buttons very well and know exactly how hard and long they need to push to get what they want. Hence, do not reveal yourself as being naïve, over conscientious and over intellectual on even simple issues, since manipulative people can and will use these traits against you, in no time.

Know What To Expect and What To Do
Learn to recognize the manipulative traits of such people and reframe yourself and things immediately, in such a way, so that you get what you want and need. If you are unable to do this, it is better to step back and take time to figure out the things. Subsequently, act confidently and assertively.

Don’t Fight A Losing Battle
With manipulators around, it is normal to be depressed, as there is no point fighting a losing battle. Manipulators are just not going to change. Therefore, try not to change them, instead work on yourself and deal with them accordingly.

Do Not Owe Anything
Manipulators are habitual to blackmail people with their dealings. Hence, never borrow anything from or lend anything to a manipulator. If you owe a manipulator, repay them as soon as possible by doing everything you can. In case a manipulator owes you, be prepared to let it go and never see it again. Else, you can have a signed and dated document, allowing you to ask them for repayment.