How To Cure Stomach Aches In Children


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Children often suffer from stomach aches and more often than not, they don’t tell it. The pain may be mild or severe, but must not be ignored. Stomach pain can occur due to many reasons, such as eating something from the outside, ulcers, constipation, food poisoning, etc. Though these are usual causes, there may result in bigger problems that are quite serious in nature, like kidney stones, urinary tract infection, gall bladder inflammation, appendicitis, etc. One must not ignore kids, when they complain of having stomach aches. In the following lines, we have provided effective home remedies on how to cure stomach ache in children. If the problem persists despite treating your child with these home remedies, a visit to the doctor is advised.

Stomach Ache Remedy

  • Lemon tea, with a few drops of honey added to it, is an effective treatment for stomach ache. Make sure the tea is quite warm, since it will help in relaxing the stomach muscles and ease them up.
  • You can mix a tsp each of mint juice and limejuice in a glass. To this, add a bit of ginger juice and black salt. This mixture provides quick pain relief and relaxes the stomach.
  • Take some ‘ajwain’ seeds (carom seeds) and put them in some water. Boil the water, until it gets a light tinge of yellow. This indicates that the water has acquired the juice of the seeds. Wait till the water becomes lukewarm and give it to the child. For insistent stomach aches, make the child drink this (half glass) on a daily basis.
  • Grate a small piece of ginger and squeeze out its juice. Softly massage the stomach with this juice. This is a very effective treatment for stomach ache.
  • Yoghurt helps in treating stomach ache, as it provides a cooling sensation. The cooling dessert would act as a natural laxative to cure stomach ache. To get best results, club it with fresh, cut fruits.
  • Another effective home remedy to treat stomach ache would be to have an infusion of herbs. Boil some water and add a spoonful of cumin seeds to it. Once the seeds have properly blended, add a tsp of honey to the mixture. Sip the mixture as a tea.
  • An easy way to get rid of stomach ache in children would be to place a hot water bag on the abdomen of the child. For this, boil some water and then fill a hot water bag with it. Place this bag on the abdomen of the child. It would ease the pain and also helps in clearing off any constipation.
  • Massaging the tummy area is an effective way to cure stomach problems in children. Take some essential oils and gently massage in a circular, clockwise motion, following the path of the digestive system.
  • Do not give your child processed food, such as cheese, chocolate and dairy products, when he/she is suffering from stomach ache. Spicy foods are also a strict no-no.
  • Last, but not the least, make your child drink plenty of water. Most of the times, stomach ache in children occurs due to acidity imbalance, mainly because of wrong combination of food. Drinking water can help dilute the imbalance. However, instruct your child not to gulp down the water in one go, rather have it sip by sip.