How does a heart break


How does a heart break?
"I've have been in love. I know."
But the question arises here is, is it just love that breaks your heart?
"Nah. Friendship, betrayal, etc, etc."
But how can friendship break your heart? Isn't it an unbreakable bond? We all get to choose our friends, don't we? So how can they break our heart? We choose them, thus we let them.
Betrayal? They make you cautious and wise, don't they? They teach you what school can't, so how can we blame betrayal? But we still commit the same mistake again, don't we? And get our heart broken again.
Love? In love u always have to fall and when there is a fall something always breaks . isn't it? Isn't it one of the most wonderful feeling? So why blame it?And are there not happy ending love stories?
'Our story didn't end in good terms so I'll blame love', eh?
Problems? It's clichèd. We all have problems, and somehow we all are grown to them, so they don't break our heart either.
So what breaks your heart?
You yourself do it. In fear of getting your heart broken by others, you break it yourself and blame the world. Because you and I are humans, and we can't accept our flaws, instead we see them in us the most.
And the things we don't stand up , breaks us. Every time, a little

Its always not only love
Sometimes its frdship
Sometimes u speak in high tune with ur parents or anyone and break ur heart by yourself