House of Bamboo in Tripura costing Rs. 1.6 crore


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A small bamboo based unit that has come up at Nagichera village in Tripura at a cost of Rs. 1.6 crore is presently providing direct employment to around 40 people in the region.
Tripura is known as the home of the bamboo plant and more than 21 species of the bamboo are found here. The new bamboo unit here produces finished products like chopsticks, toothpicks, ice-cream sticks, incense sticks and various bamboo sticks in different size and shape.
It was set up with technical and financial support from the National Bamboo Mission that also helps in distribution and marketing of the finished products.
The factory plays an important role in value addition to the bamboo industry through improved processing, product diversification, design development and enhanced shelf life.
It is also trying to come at par with international standards so as to increase the trade at home and in foreign markets.
"Through this unit, we want to add value addition to the bamboo industry in Tripura. Today we employ nearly 35-40 employees who manufacture different products from Bamboo," said Bhaskar Banik, Managing Director, Bamboo Unit.
The estimated value of the bamboo industry in Tripura is Rs.70.00 crores per annum and it has the potential to grow up to Rs.400 crores per annum in the next five years.
The National Bamboo Mission launched by the Central Government with a total budget of Rs 568 Crores, targets 176,000 hectares of fresh plantations.
The mission has created employment for many people in the region enabling them to live a happy life.
"We are from Nagicherra area and after finding out about the factory we joined it and are doing a variety of work. We make chopsticks, toothpicks, round-sticks and various other items. We earn around Rs. 3000 per month. The factory is close to our house and the money we earn helps us take care of our family," said Mithun Das, a worker.
"The factory at Nagicherra is of great help to us. We have got employment here and with the money we earn we are able to look after our family and educate our children. Both tribal and non-tribal people work here," added Rina Debbarma, another worker
It is estimated that 2.46 lakh families in Tripura are now engaged in bamboo related vocations.
Both Centre and the Tripura Government have been organizing fairs and training sessions for the benefit of rural artisans.
They have even started a course in the Tripura University to promote age-old tradition among the youth in the region.