Honour killing, couple killed in Punjab


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Prabjeet Kaur and Pardeep Singh were shot dead in Firozpur - a year after they married against their family's wishes...As many as 15 bullets were fired at the couple who died on the spot.

Anticipating trouble, they had asked for police protection. But on Wednesday, as Prabhjot came out of a school building after taking her Class XII exams, they were shot dead - allegedly by family members - even as the crowd outside the school watched. The policemen guarding the couple did nothing.

"I was standing with Pardeep and others outside the school. Prabhjot was coming out, when about five people surrounded us with guns. They fired at the boy and girl, killed them and fled," said the constable appointed by Punjab Police.

The police say the family was angry because Pardeep had married his first wife's niece, and abandoned her and a son.

Tubaah: Another honour killing, couple killed in Punjab


Ironically, these two were killed at about the same time a court in neighbouring Haryana's Karnal sentenced five people to death - for another honour killing.


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Karnal honour killing: Death sentence for 5, life for 1


When her newly-married son, Manoj, was found floating in a canal, his young bride beside him, Chanderpati had no doubt about who was responsible.

Two years ago, Babli's family bitterly opposed her wedding with 23-year-old Manoj. The reason: they belonged to the same gotra or sub-caste, which, in many villages in Haryana, means they're considered siblings.

Babli's family had asked the local khap panchayat for help. In the villages of Haryana, these khap panchayats are caste councils known to act with vengeance when their diktats are ignored.

In Manoj and Babli's case, the khap panchayat asked them to dissolve their marriage. In Manoj's village, other families were ordered not to talk to the young couple.

Manoj decided to move with Babli to a different village. He also asked the police for help, which accompanied the young couple to court. The judge there ordered police protection for Babli and Manoj.

Yet, barely a week later, they were found dead.

Now, five of Bali's relatives, including her brother, and the head of the khap panchayat that acted against her have been found guilty. Their sentence is exacting: death sentence for five, life imprisonment for one, and seven years in prison for a man who helped abduct the young couple.

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