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sound quality laye bose home theatre. Par oh mehnga hai arround 50000/-. es range vich phillips samsung lg penasonic sony hi milan ge.


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decrease your TV budget and add to home theater budget.

get tower speakers and a player than support 3d bluray.

i'd recommend getting same brand home theater as the TV for better integration.


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Go for Sony or Pioneer's Blu Ray Home Theater

TV vich jyada kharcha na kro :an

Edhr pese pa lao ohi waale :)

Pioneer v Best aa Main use kite hoe aa Par Tractor te lagge hoe :an
Bass te boht aa...

Sony nal experience heni :an

Vese menu te ehi 2 vdia lgde


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bose is over hyped and over priced,
try yamaha if you can,whatever you chose make sure you listen to it before buying.
make sure its 5.1 channel or more, if you get one on these make sure speakers are placed correctly as well, otherwise it will be just waste of money.

Major things to pay attention are:
room size and structure
willingness to run cables to put speakers in right place

if thats not possible try to find home theatre with wireless speakers

also if you already have plasma tv then its fine, otherwise dont go for plasma get LED one which has better pic quality and most of these are razor thin
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