Hollywood Banger - Fast&Furious+Expendables in One Movie?

Its going to be a blast in Hollywood when two banger movie stars will work together in a single movie :cool


Speaking to DigitalSpy, Terry Crews, one of the actors that's been part of the franchise since the first movie, has pointed out that he doesn't see “Fast & Furious” as a contender at the box office in the action film genre, but he does see it as a possibility for a “mash-up.”

“I think it's totally possible – there's no reason why we can't do that,” said Crews who plays Hale Caesar in the movies. He was so excited about the project, that he even theorized that “The A Team” cast could join in the project to make it that much bigger.

Crews proposes to move the same Expendables treatment which was Stallone pick up every name in the action film genre and put them all together in a single movie, to franchises, mashing them up together to create new universes.

It seems that “The Expendables” has set many creative juices around Hollywood flowing, because last week there was even talk of doing a female version of the movie. Stars from the film that just opened in cinemas were asked about the possibility, and they all confessed to be thrilled by the idea and even had some actresses they wanted to see appear in the movie.

The names of Angelina Jolie and Sigourney Weaver were the first to pop up, but it only made way for more names in the business to be connected with the project. Even Stallone, the man who first thought up “The Expendables,” expressed interest in the idea during the press conference.