Hide Whatsapp Picture From Gallery in Android & Iphone


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Hide Whatsapp Picture in Android

1. You will need a file manager app to access WhatsApp directory in your SD card. If you don’t have one then download ES File Explorer

2. Once you have the file manager installed, open it. Navigate to ‘WhatsApp’s media’ folder. Usually it’s found under Home > sdcard > WhatsApp > Media.

3. Under Media folder, you will see a sub-folder called
WhatsApp Images‘.

Rename this folder to ‘.Whatsapp Images‘ i.e. add a period in the name.

You can do so by long pressing the folder and rename option will appear at the bottom of the screen.

4. Now if you go to your gallery, there will be no WhatsApp images or videos.

To bring back the WhatsApp images in your gallery you can remove the period ( . ) from the folder name.

How does it work?
Since Android is based on Linux kernel, if you add the period in front of any folder name in Android, the folder gets hidden
You can use this trick for any folder that you don’t want to see in Gallery.

Hide WhatsApp Picture in iPhone

If you are iPhone user then hide WhatsApp images by going to your privacy setting > photos > turn WhatsApp off.