Hey..do u believe in destiny?

This is perhaps the most important and least provable question in life.
What we believe is not important. What you believe is. I have a philosopher friend who believes the world is an incredibly intricate machine that, once it was started, was programmed to proceed in one unavoidable path, including our thoughts and actions, till the end of time. I know another philosopher who dances around that concept, placing god in the machine's place and says God magically alters the machinery to allow us to exercise free will, but while he, being omniscient, KNOWS what we will do before we choose to do it, somehow that's not predestination.

Neither explanation feels quite right to me. They're both different types of religious faiths, to me. I believe we are not capable of or meant to know the answer to the question, and that it is this very fact that it is all forever unknowable and which allows life to be bearable or possible.
It offers us the hope that what we think and do may have some meaning and we as individuals have some value,even as merely the teensiest specks within an incomprehensibly big, uncaring, and ever-expanding universe. I have an intuition, not at all provable, that atomic quantum theory suggests that, just by observing, we are participants in the continuous creation of our world. And some nights that is a comfort to me And some nights I think it that concept, if right, damns us all to a hell of our own making. So...sometimes I'm ok with Life, The Universe, and Everything. And sometimes, I'm not.

type ur views....
this is that power by which u will feel one day that u r diff. from others

may be u can call it destiny :p


Codename 47
I dont believe in destiny or anything
According to my parents teaching, we write or own fate .
There is nothing that we can't have
We see, we think and we take action and than if something goes wrong we blame others.
sometimes life is unpredictable, because its better that way .
Je tuhanu sab pata hi hove ki agge ki hona then life jeun da maza nahi aunda