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b@ck in bu$ine$$
Now for what all happened day before yesterday was unfortunate and that too on Guru Harkishan Ji's aagman purab wale din...

I just want to say sorry to all those who were hurt by my words which were'nt directed towards anyone (but many wont believe that and i cant do anything to make them either) deepest apologies go to reshmi mutiyaar who took it personally and i came to know this sort of incident took place in past too and i see things from her angle to understand how she would
have felt targetted...i hope she broaden her horizon to see and understand my angle too...

just to support my angle i am here on the forum for 2nd time thats why my iD is dejavu and last time when i was here i used to see somany goodbye threads and i always thought these people do a lot of drama, they will show as ur closest friend and one day if something happens they will simply leave, not caring for happened with me...all members i knew..talked over yahoo..went off from forum..just 2 are here and i still doubt if they know me...i mean who needs friends like that? so i was taking that angle and pissed off i wrote that not knowing or thinking about who left few days ago and for what reasons...

Loads said against me, my family background and so on...but just like I take advice from smart people, sameway i dont take critiques from just another who's who...I be mature, go big and walk away...

saying all that i dont want to go into details again and that is not the reason i am starting this thread either, so i really would appriciate if people who wants to go and talk about that thread and incident post somewhere else, enough said already.

Thanks for your valuable time to read what i had to say.

I hope i am understood & Forgiven.

thanks to Konvicted_jatt


22g jo v hoyia ohnu bhull javo......nave sirre ton shuru ho jao..... i know tussi kisse nu target nahi keeta c.... te tussi ah thread bna k UNP nu re-unite keeta hai..... te jo v tuhadi family background bare galat bolia giya ohde laye main apne te sari unp team valon sorry kehnda haan....:hug
we know k tussi apni jagah theek c te reshmi apni jagah so forgot everything and let's cheers....
and meri request hai k koi v member os topic bare kujh v post na kare..dat was just a incident.


dear dejavu,
i accept your apology, thanku for this nice gesture,

just to clear, i myself did not mention any members of your family, god bless them all, but i do apologise to you, on behalf of the ones who did, if they did, people react angerily, in response to something they don't like, please forgive them.

finally, just like yourself,,, just to support my angle TOO, where i'm comimg from, may god bless you with the will power to withhold you criticisms and judgements of people you don't know,, as you have judged me 3 times, 1 of the 3 reasons, i was angry with you ,, i really thought we could have been good friends otherwise,,,

but talk about your first impressions,,, when i requested you to vote for arpita, (A MUTUAL FRIEND) in the poll for UNP TEAM,,

you replied to me "what makes you think i will vote for arpita", that was my first ever communication with you,,

i really hope this will end here, any more posts reference this apology/our differences, will only escalate the grudge.


hava nice time dear..............apninder


now i'd like to take this oppertunity, to say "thnxx" to 3 people, whom i respect a lot,,,,,,,

tiwana ji

all 3 of you persuaded me to accept dejavu's apology,, which i did from the depth of my heart,, you 3 are angels,,, THANKU
:wub :hug,,,,,,, :wub :hug,,,,,,, :wub :hug
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