Here are the 7 serious relationship signs

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Here are the 7 serious relationship signs

We offer some fun but true facts which will show you that a casual relationship is turning into a more serious one. Read about the serious relationship signs in the article.

Serious relationship signs: Your clothes are in his closet and vice versa
Once you spend more and more time at you partner`s place and your clothes miraculously find a way into his closet or his into yours, then this is a firm sign that your relationship has become more serious, never mind if the shirt was forgotten by accident or it was a planned act. This definitely signals to a new meeting in the future which also leads to a common closet.

Serious relationship signs: The fridge contains food you both like
When there are things in your fridge that only you like and things that only he likes, but they are mixed together on the same shelf, then this is definitely a sign of a serious relationship.

Serious relationship signs: Your things are in his bathroom
When your shampoo obtains the right to stand right next to his shampoo in the bathroom and he does not even notice your tampons, then this is a sign that you have entered into a serious relationship. It is understandable that you need your cosmetics when you are at his place for several days. Therefore this does not mean that you are forcing him into a relationship but it is also practical. Guys, if you want to have your partner in your flat more often, make some room for her. And do not forget, women are never satisfied with only one tiny shelf.

Serious relationship signs: Open bathroom doors
For some women this is a really big step in a relationship. She shared her body with you in the bed and now she is also ready to share some of her private moments with you. Very private ones, actually. For example, the moments when she is shaving her private parts or when she is putting a mask on her face or even when she is urinating. If your partner does all of these things, then she sees you as a `serious relationship` material.

Serious relationship signs: E-mail passwords
Partners who are in a serious relationship for a while do not hide anything from each other. Revealing your e-mail password or the number of your bank account is not as revolutionary as it sounds because it usually occurs spontaneously and out of need. It has to happen without pressure, force or arguments. When your partner tells you the code number for private messages, you can be sure that he or she plans to stick around for a little longer. This is a definite sign of a serious relationship.

Serious relationship signs: You met his parents
When your crush introduces you to his or her parents you can be sure that you are entering into a serious relationship. Nobody introduces a regular lover to the parents. The privilege is given only to those the parents will meet again in the future.

Serious relationship signs: Answering of your phone
This step is quite high on the relationship scale. It is on the same level as the secret passwords and messages. When your phone rings and your partner asks you if he or she can pick it up, this is definitely one of the serious relationship signs, because he or she wants to meet the people surrounding you. The same goes for when your partner asks you if you can answer his or her phone. It also means there is no possibility a dubious person from the past might call and that your partner is starting the relationship based on honesty.