Help me to find detective device ??

♪ LaLLi ♪

Main bhut baar notice kita mkt ch bhut detective device ne jo sanu pata vi ni ,,, eve da ik device bare main suneya but dekhya ni na hi us da naam pata ,,,
Us device nu mobile de sim neede rakh do (small size like micro sd cards )nd ph di battery fit kar do upar nd jo vi us phone nu use karega ya gal karega Sab record hojegi ,,, nd us nu play karan Lai vi us da card reader Honda jo ki assi laptop ch transfer karke sun sakde aa ,, je kisi nu us device da naa pata hoye ta daseo ,,,,????? Dhanwad


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^^Recording Not Possible with that

That is a SIM which stores Messages, Contacts, Logs etc

Here But It is Different :

Cell Phone Spy

Brickhouse Security

No matter what reason you come up with to need these cell phone spying devices, we are moving much closer into the realm of creepy stalker. The SIM card spy makes it possible to read deleted text messages and private data from any SIM card. Not enough James Bond for you? The bottom image is the world’s smallest, fully integrated GSM Listening Device. With an unlimited range, you can call from any phone and listen immediately to a conversation from anywhere in the world.

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