Healthy Eating Commandments

:prHealthy Eating Commandments

We all know the drill: during the holidays, we often don’t have the willpower to avoid temptation. But did you know that you don’t necessarily need to put yourself on a super strict diet to get back into healthy eating habits? Because life wouldn’t be half as sweet without all its culinary delights (and their high caloric content), we’ve got a few simple commandments to integrate into your diet and get back on track.

Thou shalt not put sugar in thy coffee. Coffee, minus the little packet of sugar, is an acquired taste. After all, real coffee aficionados sip their espresso without it (often even forgoing milk!).This small action may seem negligible, but it could actually make a huge difference down the line. Here’s a tip: rather than completely eliminating any sweetness in your coffee, replace it with a hint of honey. It’s not as high in calories, but tastes a bit sweeter—plus, it doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives.

Thou shalt not add salt to thy meals. It starts with just a little bit: we add one pinch of salt… but then we always want more. However, when there is too much of it in a dish, it detracts from the food’s flavours. In the long run, salt also can lead to conditions like hypertension. That being said, aside from controlling those daily added pinches of salt, it’s also recommended to check the sodium content of processed foods. These actually represent about 80 % of our total sodium intake.

Thou shalt carefully select thy dessert. Many people start thinking about chocolate cake or crème brûlée as soon as they put down their forks. Luckily, there are always lighter versions to save the day. However, since the dessert menu is not simply limited to pastries, it’s also possible to go for the fruit salad or some yogurt with granola to finish your meal on a healthier note. Another option: dark chocolate. Rich in cocoa, it contains healthy nutrients such as antioxidants. But beware: it’s also rich in fat and sugar, so don’t go overboard.

Thou shalt avoid snacking on junk food in between meals. To compensate a loss of energy, or out of sheer boredom, it’s a habit for some to immediately dig into that bag of chips or candy. First and foremost, when trying to resist temptation, it’s important to ask yourself the right question: are you really hungry? To curb your craving, keep a fruit or granola bar on-hand. At least, this type of snack is rich in fibre, vitamins, and is nutritious. After all, it is recommended to eat in between meals, but it’s important to make healthy choices.