Healthy Drinks for Kids


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There are plenty of beverages that you can go in for, but not all drinks are healthy. The market is stocked with various kinds of sweet drinks that contain high sugar content. The term sweet drink is a broad concept that encompasses plenty of drinks, like fruit juices, soft drinks and cordials. Sweet drinks do not contain any nutritional value and thus should be avoided. Instead, it is preferable to check out healthy beverage choices for kids. Read further to explore information about child nutrition drinks…

Sweet drinks can become a cause of many kinds of health ailments like tooth decay, diarrhea and reduced appetite. Milk occupies an important position in the list of healthy drinks for kids, as it acts as a rich source of calcium that is required by the body to ensure healthy, strong bones and teeth. There are several milk varieties hitting the market like full cream milk, skim milk etc. Skim milk is low in calories and thus is recommended for adolescents and adults. However, kids under the age of 2, should be given whole milk, owing to their energy needs. Consuming milk in excessive quantities can lead to poor appetite, so limit your intake to 2-3 glasses per day. Artificially sweetened milk drinks should be avoided.

Encourage your child to eat fresh fruits, rather than going in for fruit juices. They contain high sugar content and are not apt for children, who are on their weight loss diet. There is a need to put a stop to your child's consumption of soda, as it contains caffeine, which is harmful for the body. Soda should be like a total no, especially for preschoolers. Water is one such natural beverage that is absolutely fatless and calorie free. Its advantages are many, so make it an integral part of your daily routine to drink loads of water, at least about 8-10 glasses per day.