‘He has tarnished my image’: Woman who appeared in Sandeep Kumar sex tape

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The woman seen with sacked AAP minister Sandeep Kumar in a purported sex tape has appealed to the police to punish the leader for allegedly tarnishing her image and ruining her life.
In her video statement, the woman told the police that 11 months ago, she met Kumar in the market and mentioned that she wanted help getting a ration card made.
Kumar allegedly promised to help her and called her to his office alone with the documents.
“Then he called her to his residence. When she went there, she was asked to wait in a room and was served a drink with sedatives. After that she could not remember anything,” said an investigator.
Kumar then raped her and asked her to leave the following morning, she said.
The Dalit face in Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party was arrested on Saturday night for the alleged rape.
“The woman said she had no clue that Kumar was recording a video of her. She was dizzy and did not know what she was doing. She said she was framed and that he took advantage of her,” the official added.

That morning she reportedly told Kumar he did not do the right thing and that the episode would break her marriage.
“He told her that she will have to give in if she needed a ration card. She said that Kumar also told her to keep quiet to save her marriage,” the police said. Kumar, she claimed, promised jobs for her children when they grew up.
She said Kumar did not even help her get a ration card after the incident and that she changed her house.
She demanded that Kumar be punished. “I am a poor woman. I am someone’s wife and a mother of two children. I do not have the resources to fight the case. Since he has tarnished my image by leaking that video in the public domain, the society will not accept me..,” she said in her statement.
She also said she did not go back to him because she was afraid he would take advantage of her again.
Kumar was sacked on Wednesday after two videos, each showing him in a compromising position with different women, surfaced. The former minister has maintained that the videos were doctored.
Police summoned Kumar to the Sultanpur Majra police station. The crime branch and local police jointly questioned him. They recorded a detailed statement. However, no arrest was made till the filing of this report.

Meanwhile, Om Prakash, a political worker from Sultanpur Majra, who had handed over the CD to news channels and the Delhi government, was also questioned by Delhi Police. He reportedly told the police that the CD was given to him by a stranger and that he did not know anything about its source. He will be questioned again, said police.