HDBaseT Potentially Replaces HDMI As Next Standard


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HDBaseT Potentially Replaces HDMI As Next AV and Networking Connectivity Standard

If you think HDMI is going to monopolize and replace all other digital connectivity standard in the industry, then the latest announcement from HDBaseT Alliance may disappoint you. Founded by company such as LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures and Valens Semiconductor, the Alliance’s goal is intended to standardize the way of how uncompressed HD multimedia contents can be delivered using the commonly available 100BaseT Ethernet with extra control and power functions. And good news is, the HDBaseT 1.0 base specification is finalized now.

As you may have heard about TriplePlay that can run data, audio and video streaming simultaneously, the HDBaseT is capable to run 5Play that with extra bandwidth allocation to support additional uncompressed HD video source besides enabling power source and control function. With its base on 100BaseT Ethernet standard, the maximum length of CAT5e/6 LAN cable can be extended up to 100m (or 328 feet) without significant attenuation which is definitely a great advantage over existing HDMI cable. Impressively, the new standard is defined to support 3D full HD 1080p and just imagine, now you no longer need to search for different type of cabling but instead, this single, less-pin-count cable is all that you need for power source, internet connectivity, audio/video for your digital TV, PC, mobile devices and any network based consumer electronics products.

No actual availability yet, the new HDBaseT based end products should be available some time in second half of 2010, with more widely adoption by new licensees in 2011.