Hate The Gym? Try These Hacks Instead To Remain Fit And Healthy

Miss Alone

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1. Squat on the floor while you chill with your friends.
If they judge you, grant yourself some self-righteousness and educate them about how easy it is to stay fit.

2. Walk around as you catch up on your reading.
This will keep both your body and mind fit!

3. ALWAYS take the staircase.
Try two steps at a time.

4. Ride a bicycle to the grocery store.
I promise you this will take your coolness factor up three notches.

5. Put on your favourite song on full blast and dance around the living room.

6. Get enough sleep.
Enough rest helps to keep metabolism on track. It is always harder to lose weight if you are always tired.

7. Just hang off your couch and do some push-ups.

8. Do leg raises in bed.

9. Eat light.
Eating light is not only healthy, but will also make your body feel light and not add to the sluggishness.

10. Take a walk while you have that long phone conversation.

11. Partner up with a friend for a fun workout.

12. Laugh!
According to research, 15 minutes of laughing can burn 10 - 40 calories.

13. Drink plenty of water.
Water helps burn calories, curb false hunger alarms, and cleanses your body. It also makes working out easier.

14. Set goals.
Stick a picture of your ideal body in your room. Looking at the picture will motivate you to not give in to your laziness.

15. Make a reward system.
For every 30 minutes of workout, reward yourself with 15 minutes of trash TV time. Or whatever your secret indulgence may be.