' hat I Love Stories "

Cast : Imran Khan , Sonam Kapoor , Sameer Dattani , Sameer Soni , Bruno Abdullah
Director: Puneet Malhotra
Producer: Karan Johar , Hiru Johar , Ronnie screw
Music Director : Vishal Shekhar
Rating : 2.5

Hat I love the story of the movie Glory Stories ( Imran Khan ) and Simran ( Sonam Kapoor) revolves around | Jay is a young man who Filmmekara Bollywood 's biggest romantic heroic ( Samir Soni ) is the Assistant Director | Glory by nature very Flerty is the kind of young man | who makes sure every girl in Flert |
On the other hand Simran ( Sonam Kapoor) is very romantic girl | she dreams of true love just keeps waking sleeping | Simran's life everything is very perfect | good job , perfect boyfriend, the perfect secret , but it keeps the There is no entry for the Glory |
Simran also get the chance to work with the same director, where Jay is working | do work at a Love Story, both of these ups and downs in life comes | around the film's story is the same |
The film appeals to you most of the movie title "I Love Hat Stories '| The new director Puneet Malhotra 's presented it as typical romantic movie masala | which is not something new |
Simple but attracts movie | Imran Sonam is special but the film's fresh pair of eyes that the audience comes to own and managed to draw | Their chemistry is amazing in the film that young audiences will like a lot |
Imran - Sonam 's altercation gradually seems to turn into love | Jai ( Imran ), but the girls like the girls she hates the habit but seem to change it gradually and Sonam to please the film adopts Style | Simran not to believe in and love the Lord to shed tears for the second half is seen |

Imran 's debut film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane climax we dont Jenelia Imran reminds me of where to stop the U.S. from going through the airport are on a horse Vox |

Other Bollywood films and film director takes on Novell 's much the same effect Mills and Buns | Imran - Between Sonam Sichyunsess are written fairly well | but for Sonam and her boyfriend Samir Dattani Paarents Drashy shot with enough Come look weak |

The new director Puneet 's a wonderful way to both the character of Actors is threaded | somewhere somewhere you are lost in the world of Jay and Simran | Mega - Shekhar 's music is quite Cachi is young enough to lure even | Bin Tere Songs are amazing and Bhara |

To act if the actors in the film acting is OK | Sonam movie screen is amazing Prjenc | she was very beautiful in the movie are | directed by Puneet is simple | and young people quite like the film will recover money |