Hari Singh nalwa- Commander-in-chief of the army of the Sikh Empire born in 1791

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He was Commander-in-chief of the army of the Sikh Empire born in 1791.
Duniya ch sirf 3 tribes nu sb toh ziddi manya janda jo k kise agey bend nahi hongey chahe marde mar jan. one japanese,second afghan and last punjabi empire( hun de nai,bht time pehla de) Jehna nu jhukana impossible c..japan di example saipin island toh mildi a,jithe surrender karn di jga entire japanese city ne mass suicide karli,and it was the reason of Pearl Harbor attack in WW2.15 saal hogye aj tk usa wale afghani rebels nu khatam nahi kar paye..

The editor of the Tit Bits newspaper of England wrote in one of his columns around 1881:- "Some people might think that Napoleon was a great General. Some might name Marshall Hendenburgh, Lord Kitchener, General Karobzey or Duke of Wellington etc. And some going further might say Halaku Khan, Changez Khan, Richard or Allaudin etc. But let me tell you that in the North of India a General of the name of Hari Singh Nalwa of the Sikhs prevailed.

Had he lived longer and had the sources and artillery of the British, he would have conquered most of Asia and Europe…."

Till today,Afghanistan had been won only once in a 1000 years history,and that was done by sikh army under the captaincy of Hari Singh Nalwa. Marco polo ne ehde bare keha c k how mongols tried so hard to win china but never looked at afghani countries,cos they know its not possible.Agar maharaja ranjit singh ek thinking tank c,ta Hari Singh nalua ohda weapon c.
Hari Singh showed his excellence in the events of horse riding, sword fighting, spear throwing and warfare etc in an open event. which completely astounded and pleased the Maharaja and immediately he invited Hari Singh to join his army.He was a fearless man.

ek din maharaja and hari singh went on a hunt,but were encountered by a man eater tiger,he jumped out of bushes and hari singh fell on the ground,he didnt had the time to take out his sword so he grabbed the tigers jaw by his both hands and swung him far away harder,took out his sword and killed the tiger with a single blow on the head..Maharaja ranjit singh was surprised by his tremendous courage and gave him the tag of nalua(on the name of a king who use to hunt dangerous animals with his bare hands) us din toh hari singh,hari singh Nalua bngya.

Baron eugel(european traveller)ne b es varey bht sohna likhya a es bare.
Slowly Hari singh Nalua sikh army ch upar jande rhe,after the war of Multan fort,jithe hari singh nalua bht injured hogye c cos of suicidal mission to blast the walls of the fort,he recover and maharaja ranjit singh gave him entire kashmir to handle..
Then the great war came,of Fort Khairababad the war between 8000 sikh armymen and 1 lakh 50 thousands afghans,Afghanistan nu aj tk koi jitt nai paya c,but the sheer willpower of sikh soldiers under his captaincy outnumbered afghans

Sir Alexander Barnes in his book "Barnes Travels - in Bukhara" narrates this Sikh victory as a milestone in history of middle east,and then Peshawar happened. Peshawar approx 800 years tk afghans di stronghold c,koi aj tk uthe phunch b nahi sakya c,fort tk jana bht bht door da supna c,but Hari singh Nalwa striked again,and this time he broke the entire myth of afghani fighters,they were scared to face this guy,the most historic victory ever on an afghani kingdom,and it is the only one ever. As long as he lived,when whole india was under british govt, Britishs didnt dared to look at punjab,because it could not have been won,so they made the treat with sikhs.
In the war of Jamraud Hari Singh was struck by two bullets, one in the side and the other in the stomach.He turned his horse's head, and managed to ride as far as his tent. He fainted as he was taken from his horse, and half an hour later the bravest of the Sikh Generals died.

Recently by an magazine,he was added in the 10 greatest Commanders of the world. He lived a legendary life and left his name for the centuries to remember.