Happy Birthday From The Heart


Rampuriya !!
Hello beautiful,
I decided for your birthday,
I'd give you something from the heart,
And hope you'll know I care, this way.

If I've said it once,
I've said it a million times,
But for you, I'd do anything
To see your smile right next to mine.

And I want you to always know
If you ever feel alone,
I'll always be here for you,
So just pick up your phone.

I'm always here to help,
In whatever way I can.
Kill somebody? Sure!
Or just lend a helping hand.

Whatever you need from me,
From now on it is yours,
Because whether you like it or not,
You're still one I adore.

Also there is something else
I haven't said before,
To tell my deepest feeling,
The one keeping my heart so sore.

That feeling is my love
That I feel for you,
And whether you like it or not,
The things I say are true.

Just know no matter what,
If you hurt me, or if you don't,
It doesn't matter,
Because leave you hanging, I won't.

So, I guess what I'm giving you
Is a promise from my heart;
I'll always love you and be there,
Whether we're together or apart.

I hope that means something to you,
Because it's the greatest gift of all,
A friend for life, here for you,
All you've got to do is call.

Happy Birthday, from the heart,
From me to you.
I'll love and cherish every moment
My life is touched by you.