Hackers Published Details of the Voting Database


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American election systems have been accused of election fraud and rigged voting since they have appeared. However, now people would wonder: if even an unknown hacker manages to gain access to the election voting system, then what security of elections can we talk about here?

While the AntiSecurity movement is rapidly rolling along, worldwide known hacker group Anonymous points to a very interesting hack that took place some time ago. The security breach in question is able to raise very serious questions related to the integrity of voting in one of the US states – Florida. It turned out that some hacker owning Twitter account Abhaxas managed to obtain parts of the Florida voting database and subsequently uploaded it to the file-sharing service, thus making the content available for the whole world. The reason for the hack was explained by the hacker as the following: he said he simply wanted to prove that voting fraud can easily occur in our days, so he dumped parts of the voting database to show it.

The comments to the release were different. Lots of people agreed this was a bit ironic – they saw inside details of Florida voting systems, and this couldn’t make them believe that voting wasn’t rigged at all. Apparently, they are right – if the country’s government unable even to keep its ballot systems secure, they why would people trust it at all? Soon enough the content was reposted to PasteBin, and the hacker in question questioned people in his Twitter who believed that voting wasn’t tampered with.

This serious hack is thus far the latest one in a long string of hacks since the hacker group LulzSec quit the online activity. However, within their lifetime, the details of Arizona police department had leaked not just once or twice, but three times in a raw! Meanwhile, Arizona police wasn’t the only target of the hackers: apart from them, the AntiSec movement exposed Viacom and Universal Music, as well as different government servers.

In other words, this hack proves that the operation AntiSec is not about LulzSec or Anonymous now – there are a lot of hackers engaged in this activity now. However, one thing about this particular hack is for sure – it’s impossible that this case wouldn’t have any huge political implications.