Guy from Jalandhar


Hello Respected Members and Admin of this site.

I have got the link of this site from email. NIce forum.

Myself Vicky from Jalnadhar punjab age 22+ Looking for Punjabi Friends
Around the world.

I will try to contribute in this forum..

I think this is enough in my intro.


Pardesan Punjaban

Alone but Happy
:wel :wel :wel :wel
jee ayia noo g
so tusi vi doabe to ho
mainoo poori umeed hai kee tusi ithe bahut saara fun karonge

chalo jee ho javo shuru post karania
:beer :beer :beer :beer :beer :beer :beer :beer


Done Deal !
Welcome to UNP, have loads of fun and enjoy posting, make friends and share jokes......UNP is the place to be happy !:angel

The Ominous

Come get Some......
Tehsin said:
welcum vicky :star :star

sare tuhanu miss ker rahe si...mein keheya munde nu link mail hi kerdo....:y :y

:bolt :bolt

Thnx Tehsin.... E-mail karde reha karo sab nu...ik adhi sanu b pa deya karo :D