Gurudwara shri gendsar sahib ambala



GURUDWARA SHRI GENDSAR SAHIB (Ambala) is situated in the village Bhanokheri of Ambala Distt. On the way to Anandppur sahib from Patna Sahib GURU GOBIND SAHIB JI visited his Nanke Lakhnaor Sahib. He spent almost 7 months while staying here. While staying here BALA PRITAM GOBIND RAI JI played many games with his peers especially the Hockey. On this place GURU SAHIB has killed an evil Snake. Some people who had some communicable diseases from quite a long time were also living here and after seeing the extraordinary achievements of GURU GOBIND RAI JI, they asked him to bless them. GURU SAHIB told them that to get rid of this disease they need to take a bath from the Sarovar and GURU SAHIB promised that whosoever in future will take bath in this Sarovar, his/her physical and mental problems will be cured and all his wishes will come true.