Gurudwara bhai joga singh ji



GURUDWARA BHAI JOGA SINGH JI is situated in the Muhalla Shekhan, in Hoshiarpur City. Bhai Joga Singh ji was disciple of GURU GOBIND SINGH JI. Bhai Sahib ji belonged to Peshawar. He was living in sewa of GURU GOBIND SINGH JI. Bhai Sahibs parents requested GURU SAHIB for permission of Bhai Sahibs Marraige. GURU SAHIB gave the permission on the condition that Bhai Joga Singh will have to return whenever he is asked to, he would be called when the Khalsa needed him regardless of where he was and what he was doing, he should come. They agreed to this and headed off back to their village along with Bhai Joga Singh Ji. Bhai Sahibs marraige was fixed. On the day of marraige during the ceremony, only two of the lavaan had been completed when Bhai Sahib ji received order from GURU SAHIB to return back as he was needed by the Khalsa. His family pleaded with him that he should at least complete the lavaan as GURU SAHIB had gave him permission to rget married, Bhai Joga Singh was adamant that he would go back to GURU SAHIB as nothing was more important than his GURU.

On the way back to Shri Anandpur Sahib he felt proud of himself , That no one else would leave their own marriage just like that, no sooner had he had this thought when he became enticed by a prostitute. He rode towards her house and contemplated the thought of entering. GURU SAHIB always save and protect his Khalsa from commiting any mistakes. as parents save there children from doing so. On tying to enter he came across a guard standing there so he paused and backed away, he tried four times to enter the building but could not get past the guard seeing him. In the morning Bhai Sahib left for Shri Anandpur Sahib.

On entering the divaan he payed his respects to GURU SAHIB and heard the sangat commenting on how tired GURU SAHIB looked. GURU JI asked Bhai Joga to explain where he was last night, as the incident unfolded GURU SAHIB revealed that He himslef was the guard, and that they were there to stop Bhai Joga Singh from entering and sinning.Bhai Joga Singh fell at GURU SAHIB’s charan and begged for forgiveness. GURU SAHIB reminded him of what he had said before, “'Guru Ji mein tere joga” (I am worthy only of You Guru ji). Guru Sahib said “because you belong to me - I belong to you Bhai Joga ji, I belong to you! Mein tere joga!”


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Joga Singh aali katha ta suni si, aj oss sthaan de darshan v hoge.
I agree, je appa Guru aale bande aa te fer Guru Ji v saanu galat passe jaan to hath farr rok lainde aa :)