Gurudwara Barchha Sahib-Dhanpur, Assam


Waheguru Waheguru
During his long wanderings, Guru Nanak halted for some time at Dhanpur in Assam. Here people worshipped the temple of Goddess Kamakshi Devi. In those days it was ruled by a Queen Nur Shah of Kamrup area (Assam). This temple was the seat of black magicians and the queen herself was a magician of repute. She was advised by Guru Nanak to renounce magic and secure happiness by repeating God's name. She realised that Guru Nanak was a representative of God as her magic failed to affect him. It is said that the Queen Nur Shah and her subjects became followers of the Guru and got salvation. She begged the Guruji to leave some of his belongings with her as token of a memento. The story goes that Guru Nanak left his barchha (lance) which he was carrying with him in the travel through jungles. He marked a place with his lance, where a pond was dug as desired by the Guru. The shrine built near this site is known as Gurdwara Barchha Sahib.