Guide to Hotfile Ranks: What are they and how to improve?


*Nirbhau Nirvair*

For those who dont understand how hotfiles uploader rank works, Ur rank depends on the following factors:

1. How much resources u are using: the ratio of total no. of files u have uploaded / total space used.

2. Resource usage may also include how much ur earning from hotfile. This can be seen clearly as most ppl who earn a lot have lower far as i have seen.

3. How much ur files are being downloaded

4. How much sales u are bringing hotfile. More sales = higher rank

How to Improve Rank / Get More Downloads:

1. Use less resource -> try to earn with already uploaded files and dont upload like a glutton

2. HF uploaders shud delete old files tht are not being downloaded anymore or hav very less downloads.

3. DONT use hotfile just to provide mirrors or as file backup. if ur a rs uploader then try to post only hotfile links from time to time coz rs knows were doin piracy and they wont pay us like hf does.
Hotfile Links + Rapidshare Links = No Earning In Hotfile
Only Hotfile Links = High Earnings...

4. Try to get more sales from ur files / site and directly from ur hf account. This can be done in the following way:

a) Promote via files-> Post ur files in as many places as possible and upload popular content. Since this point is the most important so I repeat: Upload popular content.
* Read the end of the guide for a bid more clarification on this point!

b) Promote via site-> Dont know the general consensus but it can be done by making an attractive and persuasive banner which can say things like "If u want to support this site then please buy a HF account" or "Havin problems with RS download quota? Try HF NOW!"

c) Promote via Site sales->Site sales can be increased with integrating ALL of ur sites with ur hotfile account (from here: One click file hosting)

5. Upload files above 100mb (105mb to be safe)

6. Always make posts with Posters/Covers and Screenshots/Caps. Thisll get u more downloads

7. The most valuable trick For HF is try uploading less with less links/parts...

8. Dont upload daily. If u have a higher rank try to sustain it by promoting ur older files or sales....if ur rank is low then also do the same thing but then u can upload a bit.

9. keep in mind that if ur links dont get enough downloads b4 theyr reported/deleted hotfile will still consider that u used theyr resources so ur rank will keep falling no matter how much u upload and at how many places u post
So i guess im tryin to say is keep uploading and posting by also try to keep ur links alive by not posting it at TOO MANY places or at places which are very likely to get ur links reported.

10. If ur having a hard time increasing ur rank then u can just start with a new hotfile account and upload from there....dont be ur own referral though. The max ive seen ppl use here is 3 hotfile accounts. Also keep in mind that u can ask for payment to a single account (webmoney, paypal. epassporte) from all of ur hotfile accounts.
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