Google will Launch Next Nexus Phone With Android 4.0 “Ice Cr


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Google will Launch Next Nexus Phone With Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” In October
August 10, 2011 : Dibyajyoti Konwar

According to a new report, Google is working hard on Android 4.0 named “Ice Cream Sandwich” and is looking to ship it with new Nexus Phone by the end of October. The source of news is a person who is directly involved in the developmental phase of the program.
Google announced Android 4.0 officially at Google I/O 2011, and there aren’t many details about the upcoming Android 4.0, except for it introducing a facial recognition technology, will look to introduce new API that will solve the fragmentation between phone and tablet, will have a new UI and few others that we don’t know as of now.
According to unclaimed sources, the new nexus device will have dual-core 1.5 Ghz processor, 1 GB of RAM, definitely 720p or full HD video recording and a Super AMOLED HD display. We assume, Samsung will be making the device for sure.
One thing, I don’t like about these Android devices is the presence of a camera module that is pathetic (too harsh, sorry!), currently Google nexus s is made by Samsung and Samsung knows how to make a good camera phone, they have done in the past. It’s just that companies don’t seem to care and keep-on competing in race for achieving speed (Ghz race), what for? running few games and apps? HTC has some great Android phones but their camera specs just look good in papers, in reality they fail to match the color reproduction of Sony Ericsson K750i (the first 2MP phone launched in 2005). I am not a fan of Symbian but I don’t think any phone matches Nokia N8 in terms of photo capture. Nokia has serious abilities, the only problem is, as everyone says a Trojan from Microsoft is ruining the company.
Anyways, the decision to launch Android 4.0 in October with a tablet or phone comes with a plan to give competition to iPhone 5, which will be launched by Apple (October or September) at the same time. Though, nothing has been confirmed by Apple, there is already enough signs from component manufacturers about this launch becoming reality.