Google warns users If your machine is infected


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If you encounter this sticky note at the top of Google today (see above), so it's time for a careful review of your computer.

Google has chosen an unconventional move for getting malicious attacks to life.

In connection with the ongoing security checks have Google engineers intercepted suspicious traffic in one of its data centers. Google has been in dialogue with the companies that are senders of traffic, and the conclusion is that there is so much traffic and so unknown patterns that can only be the case that a larger group of computers that are infected with the same type of malware.

It is typically the computers of unsuspecting users who are infected, so to get their attention begins Google today to put a clear yellow warning sign at the top, when the users are on a Google page.

If Google finds that you are one of the infected users will be guided onto This page where there are recommendations for antivirus and system scans. Google also recommend all others to follow the recommendations, even if you do not meet the yellow screen today.