Google shows 'apple pencil' on device search page


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Ever since Apple announced its new line of products at a San Francisco event on Wednesday, its rivals have kept themselves busy, trying to find new ways of trolling the US-based firm.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook unveiled two new iPhones - 6S and 6S Plus - apart from revamping the Apple TV and coming out with a larger-screen iPad Pro.

On the day of the announcement of the iPhones 6s and 6S Plus, a Google search query for "iPhone 6 Plus" returned an amusing result. The top section of the search results page, which is allocated for sponsored links, showed "6S? Did you mean S6edge+ -- Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+".

The iPhones 6S and 6S Plus will rival handsets made by manufacturers such as Samsung and LG.

Google Search also returned funny results when users searched for "Apple Pencil" on its Image page. The first scroll of the results page displayed Apple and Pencil, literally. The page was full of photos of apple, the fruit, along with graphite pencils. While Apple's stylus-like Pencil did show up on the page, it could only be found lower down after scrolling.

There was no confirmation on whether this was a targeted move by Google. Apple and Google are direct market rivals and Cook has said an increasing number of iPhone buyers are people who used to own devices running Google's Android software.
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