Google Robots is a new big project by Andy Rubin, the develo


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Google Robots is a new big project by Andy Rubin, the developer of Android

It seems like Google is having many things to show off in the future. According to recent reports by The New York Times, Google has purchased seven different robot companies for its new secret project which is headed by Andy Rubin, the person who founded Android.

It was recently revealed by Andy Rubin in an interview with the New York times, but he hasn’t provided any more details regarding that. But this robot group is distinct from Google’s X Lab which is well known for developing projects like self-driving cars and balloons-powered Internet. Currently Rubin is hiring roboticists for this project and according to New York Times reports, the offices will be in both Palo Alto and Japan.

There are currently to more details regarding what kind of robots the company will build, but the Times reports mentioned that these robots will be used in manufacturing purpose and might specifically used in electronics assembly.

“I have a history of making my hobbies into a career,” says Rubin. “This is the world’s greatest job. Being an engineer and a tinkerer, you start thinking about what you would want to build for yourself.”